Which Qualities Does the Perfect Caterer Possess?

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When hiring a caterer for any event, there are certain traits that you should look for. Regardless of whether your event is a formal black-tie affair or a casual celebratory gathering, you want to know that the food and drinks are in good hands. You can’t entrust the catering of your event to just anybody.

Instead of signing up the first caterer that shows up on a quick online search, set up interviews with prospective caterers. This will give you the chance to check caterers for the qualities that will make your event a smash hit – at least where the food is concerned.

The Food is Exactly What You Want

At its core, catering is about the fine art of cooking. Make sure that you get a chance to sample the food yourself before committing to a caterer. Many catering services will arrange a taste-testing session for interested parties.

Make sure that their menu is something that will fit in with the theme of your event. If any guests have food restrictions, such as those on a gluten-free diet or vegetarians, make sure that the caterer can account for this.

They Have the Right Certifications

Every area has its own set of laws and standards regarding who can cook, handle and serve food. Research which laws apply to your area and ask the caterer about the appropriate certification. Those who have undergone the classes and taken the tests to become certified have shown that they have expert-level knowledge of food handling and safety measures pertaining to food.

They Have a Keen Eye for Detail

When serving food, whether it’s to one person or a hundred people, it’s important to pay attention to the area around you when catering an event. A caterer with a staff who has a keen eye for detail will be able to minimize errors, proactively engage with their team and ensure only the highest quality of food is getting onto guests’ plates.

Their Customer Service is Top-Notch

Your caterer should be glad to work with you in creating a menu and crafting dishes that suit your event. They should be creative, flexible and attentive to your requests. Your caterer should also be responsive to changes that you want made and special requests, within reason.

If you find a caterer with these qualities, you can bet that you’ve found one worth relying on.